Medical Alert

For existing customers we offer Medical Panic buttons  that  will  work with your existing alarm system. We do not charge extra  for  this  monthly  service. You simply  cover  the  one  time  cost  of equipment.  Press a  button on a remote to trigger the local siren, and send  a signal  to  our  central  station requesting medical dispatch.

For a stand alone Medical System, we offer multiple brands.  These include two way voice to an opperator from your portable pendant, even if you are in your shower or out in the yard.




LifeSentry by LogicMark



What makes the Pendants unique?


Well for starters, the two way voice connection is built into the pendant, not the base station. Monitoring is done at a medical monitoring station, not a burglar alarm central station. Our Medical station is staffed by EMT’s and they will remain on the pendants communication channel until help arrives.

Around the Clock Care

Staffed around-the-clock by certified emergency medical technicians (EMT’s).

On the Line

EMT-Certified operators will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

Advanced Technology

Provides advanced technology allowing three way call connection between the operator, the user, and the dispatched authorities or a friend / family member.

Personalized Information

Personalized medical information and history securely stored and provided to emergency responders.


Bilingual staff duty 24/7, 365 days a year.


LifeSafety Monitoring’s UL and FM listed central station is licensed in every state that requires a license to monitor emergency systems.

These are just a few reasons why we chose to offer Medi-Pendant or

LifeSentry as our primary medical alarm, for more information  Click Here.