Umbrella Mesh

Umbrella Mesh

The ONLY mesh based technology providing 100% Reliability. Signals have multiple pathways ( up to 10 ) for redundancy and accessibility for remote and hard to reach areas.


So how does The Umbrella Mesh work?

First it’s important to understand how conventional alarm communication works. If your system uses a phone line for communication, it has a single point of entry to your home. Simply cut the line and you cut communication. Any failure in the phone system could also affect communication. If you use Cellular back-up, it dials out just like a cellular phone so its reliability is limited to the reliability of the cellular network you are on. Both of these methods are relatively slow in communication. High speed internet has many reliability problems from an alarm communication standpoint including the loss of use during a power failure.

Another technology is GSM, it is much quicker than phone or cellular, but uses the same cellular towers for communication.  So for The Umbrella Mesh? Basically your signal is transmitted to one of a number of towers in your area then has multiple connection points from there to our central station. In the event that a tower is down (unlikely as it is battery backed up as well as multiple transmission paths) your security signal will be re-directed over the mesh, relaying from house to house to reach another tower. This all takes place within a couple seconds, creating the most reliable,  fastest security communication there is.

This Mesh technology creates a network providing 100% reliability.

Did You Know Criminals are using GSM/CELLULAR Jammers ?


Below are some examples from web pages off the internet of devices that are readily available:



Important information about alarm communication failure.

RE: Alarm system rendered incapable of sending alarm signals during burglary!

With more and more people removing home phone lines, the alarm industry has steadily moved towards GSM/cellular back-up as the solution for communication. GSM and/or cellular back-up is now used on most major brands of alarm equipment and by most National and Local alarm dealers. Some companies use GSM exclusively as their communication path.

Pocket size equipment has now been developed and is being sold on the internet (cellular jammers) with starting prices less than $100.00. When turned on outside a residence or business the jammer will prevent GSM/Cellular alarm signals from going to the alarm company’s central station. This allows the criminals as much time as needed to burglarize the home/business. Unfortunately some alarm companies are choosing to ignore this threat and are continuing the trend of installing GSM enabled communication. We urge you to check with your alarm company to find out how your alarm system communicates.

The alternative and surest way to make sure your signals get through is on the Umbrella Mesh Network.  The Umbrella Mesh Network is designed FOR the alarm industry, BY people in the alarm industry and is NOT affected by these jammers.